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Ulusal Saray

"We do not accept spelling errors resulting from translation. While efforts are made to rectify such errors, the responsibility ultimately rests with the artificial intelligence company. Please refer to the original source in English or proceed in your preferred language. In case of any issues, please feel free to contact us."

XeusByte Privacy Policy Last Updated: [Update Date] Welcome! At XeusByte, we take the privacy of our customers and visitors seriously and have a clear understanding of how we collect, use, share, and protect your personal information. Please read the following policies carefully. 1. Collected Information: 1.1. Personal Information: While using the XeusByte website, you may provide personal information such as your name, email address, and phone number. This information is collected to provide you with better services and to communicate with you. 1.2. Technical Information: Automatically collected technical information includes IP address, browser type, operating system, and visited pages. This information is used to evaluate and improve the performance of our website. 2. Purposes of Use: 2.1. The collected personal and technical information may be used for the following purposes: Providing personalized services to you. Processing requests received from you. Analyzing and improving the usage of our website. Compliance with relevant legal regulations. 3. Information Sharing and Security: 3.1. XeusByte takes appropriate security measures to keep customer information secure. Personal information is not shared with third parties unless necessary for the purposes stated in this policy. 4. Cookies and Tracking Technologies: 4.1. The XeusByte website may use cookies and similar tracking technologies. These technologies are used to analyze website usage, customize content, and enhance user experience. You have the right to reject or control cookies. 5. Links to Other Websites: 5.1. The XeusByte website may contain links to other websites. However, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of these websites. We recommend reviewing the privacy policies of these linked websites before visiting them. 6. Privacy Policy Updates: 6.1. XeusByte reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy. We may announce updates on our website to inform you. It is recommended to regularly check this policy for updates. This Privacy Policy forms the basis of the assurance XeusByte provides to its website users. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for a great online experience!

XeusByte Communication Policy Last Updated: [Update Date] Welcome! At XeusByte, we value establishing strong communication with our customers and visitors. This Communication Policy aims to provide a clear understanding of how we communicate with you, how the information we collect is used, and how it is shared. 1. Communication Channels: 1.1. Contact Forms: Contact forms on the XeusByte website allow visitors to provide us with their names, email addresses, phone numbers, and contact details. This information is used to process and respond to inquiries. 1.2. Email Communication: We may reach out to customers and visitors via email. This can be utilized to respond to your questions, provide information, and communicate updates related to the services we offer. 1.3. Phone Communication: If necessary, customer support services can be provided through phone communication. This is used to offer quick and effective solutions. 2. Use of Collected Information: 2.1. XeusByte may use the collected communication information for the following purposes: Responding to and processing customer requests. Providing information about the services we offer. Informing about campaigns, events, and updates. 3. Information Sharing and Security: 3.1. XeusByte securely stores customer communication information and only uses it for the purposes stated. This information is never shared with third parties without authorization. 4. Communication Preferences: 4.1. Customers have the right to determine their communication preferences with XeusByte. They can manage preferences for email notifications and other communication types. 5. Link to Privacy Policy: 5.1. The XeusByte Communication Policy is linked to the XeusByte Privacy Policy. Our communication policy reinforces our commitments to privacy. 6. Communication Policy Updates: 6.1. XeusByte reserves the right to update this Communication Policy. We may make announcements on our website to inform you about updates. This Communication Policy is created to ensure that everyone interacting with XeusByte feels secure. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

XeusByte Service Scope Welcome! At XeusByte, we offer a comprehensive range of services to provide our customers with unique digital experiences and empower their businesses in the online world. Here is the primary service scope provided by XeusByte: 1. Web Design and Development: XeusByte enhances our customers' digital presence by designing customized and user-friendly websites. We optimize websites not only in terms of aesthetics but also in functionality, utilizing modern design principles and advanced technological solutions. 2. Brand Strategies and Design: Building and sustaining a strong brand is one of XeusByte's expertise. We adopt a strategic approach to understand the customer story, emphasize brand values, and strengthen visual identity. 3. Digital Marketing and SEO Optimization: XeusByte provides strategic digital marketing solutions to increase our customers' online presence. Through SEO optimization, we aim to rank higher on search engines, thereby boosting organic traffic. 4. 3D Product Design: To make your products more compelling, XeusByte offers 3D design services. We showcase products with visual solutions that encourage customers to take a closer look. 5. Mobile App Development: Targeting customers who want to establish an effective presence on mobile devices, XeusByte offers mobile app development services. We design and develop customized applications for iOS and Android platforms. 6. E-commerce Solutions: For businesses looking to enhance online sales channels, XeusByte provides tailored e-commerce solutions. We strengthen the online shopping experience with secure payment systems, user-friendly interfaces, and marketing integrations. 7. Social Media Management: Establishing an effective presence on social media platforms to increase brand awareness is part of XeusByte's social media management services. We adopt a comprehensive approach to strategic content creation and increasing engagement. 8. Analytics and Reporting Services: XeusByte provides analytics and reporting services to evaluate and improve customer campaign performance. Our data-focused approach helps customers make strategic decisions. This service scope encompasses the fundamental services that XeusByte offers to its customers. We work to provide customized solutions for each project and maximize our customers' digital successes. Discover the digital potential of your business and strengthen your online presence with XeusByte!

Copyright Notice - XeusByte Last Updated: [Update Date] Welcome! Thank you for visiting the XeusByte website. This copyright notice explains that the contents and user experience on our website are subject to copyright. Please carefully read the following provisions: 1. Copyrighted Materials: 1.1. All texts, images, graphics, logos, audio files, video files, and other content on the XeusByte website are protected by copyright. This content is created or licensed by XeusByte or other copyright owners. 2. Permission and Usage: 2.1. Unauthorized use, reproduction, distribution, or modification of the contents on the XeusByte website without written permission is strictly prohibited. For obtaining permission, please contact us. 3. Trademarks: 3.1. XeusByte and the XeusByte logo are registered or used trademarks owned by XeusByte. Unauthorized use of these trademarks is prohibited. 4. Third-Party Materials: 4.1. The XeusByte website may contain materials sourced from third parties. The copyrights of these materials belong to the respective third-party owners. 5. Copyright Infringement Notification: 5.1. If you believe that the contents on the XeusByte website infringe on your copyrighted materials, please contact us immediately. We will review your claims and, if necessary, remove or correct the content. 6. Changes and Updates: 6.1. This copyright notice may be updated by XeusByte to protect the contents on the website. Any changes to this notice will be published on this page and will take effect immediately. XeusByte is committed to respecting copyrights and takes necessary steps to monitor and prevent behaviors that do not comply with the provisions in this notice. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Limitation of Liability - XeusByte Last Updated: [Update Date] Welcome! When using the XeusByte website, please carefully read the following "Limitation of Liability" text. This text contains important provisions that regulate your use of the website and limit XeusByte's liability. 1. General Principles: 1.1. Using the XeusByte website implies your acceptance of the terms and conditions outlined below. If you do not agree with these terms, you should refrain from using the website. 1.2. XeusByte takes necessary care to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website. However, it does not guarantee that this information is complete, accurate, or up-to-date. 2. Warranty of Information and Content: 2.1. XeusByte does not guarantee that the information or content on the website will be uninterrupted, reliable, or error-free. Therefore, any risks arising from the use of this information are entirely the user's responsibility. 2.2. XeusByte cannot be held responsible for any material or immaterial damages resulting from the use of the content or services on the website. 3. External Links: 3.1. The XeusByte website may include external links redirecting users to other websites. These links contain information leading to sources beyond XeusByte's control. Therefore, any responsibility arising from these links is not accepted. 4. Service Changes and Interruptions: 4.1. XeusByte reserves the right to change or terminate services on the website without prior notice. XeusByte cannot be held responsible for any damages resulting from such changes. 5. Legal Jurisdiction and Dispute Resolution: 5.1. The use of the XeusByte website is subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey. In the event of any dispute, the competent authorities are the Courts and Enforcement Offices in Istanbul. 6. Updates and Changes: 6.1. This "Limitation of Liability" text may be revised if XeusByte updates its policies. Any updates will be published on this page and will take effect immediately. At XeusByte, we prioritize the safety of our users and strive to make your website usage smooth and secure. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cookie Policy - XeusByte Last Updated: [Update Date] Welcome! When using the XeusByte website, it's important to be informed about how cookies are used and how we protect your privacy during this process. This Cookie Policy contains information we want to share with you regarding the cookies used on our website. 1. What are Cookies? 1.1. Cookies are small text files used by websites to enhance user experience and make the website function more effectively. These files are stored in your browser and allow quick access to pages you have visited before. 2. Types of Cookies Used: 2.1. Essential Cookies: Used to provide basic functionalities of the website. Without these cookies, the website may not function properly. 2.2. Analytical Cookies: Used to analyze visitor behaviors and measure the performance of the website. These cookies help us understand which pages users visit, how long they stay, and on which pages they encounter errors. 2.3. Advertising and Targeting Cookies: Used to personalize ads based on users' interests. These cookies help display relevant ads to users based on the pages they have previously visited. 3. Benefits of Cookie Usage: 3.1. The use of cookies allows the website to function more effectively and provides you with a more personalized experience. Additionally, through analytics, we can evaluate and improve the performance of the website. 4. Controlling Cookies: 4.1. You can control cookies by changing your browser settings. Most browsers offer options to refuse cookies, alert you when a cookie is sent, or determine how long cookies will be stored. 5. Privacy and Security: 5.1. We respect user privacy and take care to protect personal information. Cookies are stored with your consent and are only used for specific purposes. 6. Cookie Policy Updates: 6.1. XeusByte reserves the right to update this Cookie Policy. Any updates will be published on our website with the update date specified. At XeusByte, we use the information obtained through cookies in accordance with privacy principles. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

This website was founded and created by G****. All content belongs to the legal owner of the site, G****. This content includes visuals, videos, text, design and many more elements. Permissions and Restrictions: You are not allowed to share any content. Any person who shares content without permission is deemed to have accepted any legal and litigation process that may be filed against him. Unauthorized sharing of any content created by or designer G**** is considered an official offense. Such sharing may result in administrative or civil penalties for the individual concerned. Negative Comments and Criticisms: Extremely hateful comments, negative reviews or similar behavior constitutes acceptance of any legal action or action that may be taken against the person. Unauthorized Information Sharing: Sharing of names, logos and other information without permission may be considered a crime and the right to respond may not be given even after notification. Site Usage and Rules: Using the site means accepting these rules. These articles are part of the file number G2B57 created by G***** and will be officially implemented if accepted. Acceptance of the content with file number G2B57 brings responsibilities to the user. This notice has been created to ensure respect for copyright and correct use of the website. It should be noted that legal action will be initiated if the relevant articles are not complied with.

"It is the property of XeusByte. Sharing the content without permission may constitute a legal offense. This information is presented in clear text. By continuing to use the website, you declare that you have read and accepted this text. We have determined the main areas of activity of the company as follows: Retail trade via radio, television, postal services, or the Internet. Other information technology and computer service activities. Trusts, funds, and similar financial institutions."

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